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Our Objectives

Here is a list of proposal's the Chair and Vice-Chair have made to Hull City AFC on 26th October 2023, for the short term and long term aspirations of Hull City DSA, which are under consideration by the club.

Proposed Hull City DSA 12 month plan:

1.  Disabled toilets review - Ongoing TBA

•At least one per stand to be Stoma friendly with hidden disabilities stickers.

•Upgrade/Repair facilities were required.
•Radar Key access
•Grab rails by the toilet and sink
•Mounted flushing lever
•Full-length mirror
•Emergency assistance alarm fitted to floor level

2. Review of Sensory Facilities. - Ongoing TBA

•Ideally room should be in view of the pitch

•Provide a quiet area for fans with hypersensitivity to loud noise, bright lights & crowded areas. 

(Should contain – sound proofing if possible, sensory equipment such as toys and provisions similar to that at Sheffield United.) 

•Provide sensory packs in common with other clubs such.

3. Annual audit - No Time Scale

•Annual audit of accessibility for disabled people at the MKM stadium in partnership with fans.

4. Disability Hubs  - No Time Scale
•The hub would be a clearly defined area for disabled fans to seek help on matchdays.
•Clearly visible dedicated stewards to help before, during and after matches. Wearing distinguishable jackets with ‘ Here to Help’ or similar. •Stewards can complete specialist courses in helping fans with disabilities. 
•Work towards visible Dementia stewards.
•More accessible pre-match activities, a greater inclusive approach.
•Look at a club Special Assistance Team through Disability Liaison Officer, this works towards a ‘Buddy system’ were a fan is too frightened to attend matches alone due to anxiety or stress can apply to be matched up with another fan in a similar situation or can seek assistance via the dedicated stewards on matchday. 

5. Low Level Counters at Kiosks or Dedicated Kiosks - Estimated for 2024/2025 Season

•The vast majority of clubs offer low level counters for fans with mobility issues. This is the norm not the exception. Plan for such counters to be installed or alternatively look to offer a refreshments delivery service. 
•Flexibility with fans needs to bring a flask to the stadium on a case by case basis were a medical need exists.

6. Review of information for Disabled fans on the club website. - No Time Scale

•Over 60% of fans felt the club communications were poor for fans with disabilities.
•Look at a walkthrough video of a disabled fans journey on arriving at the stadium.

•More awareness campaigns promoting greater understanding of the challenges facing fans with disabilities.

•A feedback system to the Disability Liaison Officer for suggestions and concerns from fans.

7. Away match ticketing - Estimated for 2024/2025 Season

•Review of procedures for fans with disabilities purchasing away match tickets.

•There needs to be an online facility as offered by WBA.  

•Currently disabled & ambulant are disadvantaged by having to ring by telephone, often after tickets have gone on sale. A provision similar to that provided for the southern supporters could be applied with a number of tickets allocated specifically for disabled fans.

8.  Club Ambassador - Ongoing TBA

•Ideally an event to officially launch the DSA at the stadium. If possible with an appearance by the manager or a player.

•Work towards a club ambassador as offered successfully by Cardiff City where the club captain takes on the role.

•An annual Player of the Year award presented by a fan.

9. Review of use of Lifts - No Time Scale
•Demand for lifts is exceeding supply

10. Disabled Parking - Estimated for 2024/2025 Season

•There needs to be some accountability for stewards working on the Walton Street car park.

•They are required to cone off effectively the area for blue badge holders but this is inconsistent and badly enforced. 
•Can there be any provision for fans with short-term problems on a case by case basis.

•Review all parking for 24/25 season.

Long – Term Ambitions  - Beyond 12 Months 

•Improved wheelchair spaces & platforms.  

•Improved seating and viewing areas. 

•Subtitles for on screen announcements. 

•Memory club

•More accessible signage within the stadium.

•Accessible transport – look at partnerships options for transport options to matches. 

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