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Chris Wilson Q&A

West Stand wheelchair rep for the Hull City DSA

1. How long have you been a fan of Hull City?

I’ve been following City since 2003 season pass holder since the 04/05 season 

2. What inspired you to become a supporter?

Both my dad and I have had a key interest in football for a long time and once the KC (Now MKM) opened we knew that watching live football would be more accessible then the old days of Boothferry Park. From that first pre season game against Middlesbrough I was hooked. 

3. Can you share any memorable experiences attending Hull City matches?

By far there are too many to mention Arsenal away win 2008, Wembley 2008 (WINDASS)  but for me although we lost the game to see my home town club in an FA cup Final was a surreal experience and I’m not ashamed to say brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

4. Do you face any specific challenges as a fan with disabilities when attending matches?

One of the main challenges for me on game day would be navigating the concourse and purchasing food and drink, the kiosks are far to high and it is very difficult to reach the products I’ve purchased and reach the card machine to pay. 

5. How would you describe the accessibility at Hull City’s stadium for fans with disabilities?

As a whole I think the MKM is up there as one of the best for access in the country, however I do believe due to the stadiums age it is in major need of some TLC things such as lift repairs, lowered counters on the concourse including the tables that house the condiments  and cutlery.


6. Are there any improvements you would like to see in terms of accessibility for fans with disabilities?

Obviously the things mentioned above would make a massive difference to my match day experience. Furthermore, if at all possible the development of ability suites in the future would be a great touch. They have these at Old Trafford, these are designated areas for people with disabilities which have tables lowered counters and toilet facilities all in one place. These are situated away from the main concourse with less crowds which would also help people who have sensory processing needs. 

7. Have you encountered any positive interactions or support from fellow Hull City fans regarding your disability?

At City we have a very close nit community within the the disability  sections of the ground and I’m pleased to say from my experience that we all support and look out for each other.

8. How do you stay connected with the Hull City fan community, considering any potential mobility or communication challenges?

Through social media and city’s official website.

9. Are there specific accommodations or services that you find particularly helpful during match days? 

None that I’m aware of

10. In your opinion, how can football clubs like Hull City further enhance the overall experience for fans with disabilities?

See suggestions above 

11. How do you feel about the inclusivity of Hull City’s fan events or initiatives for supporters with disabilities? 

TBH I think the events city put on for the fans especially the member only events are very well run and I’ve not encountered any major issues during these events. One thing I would implement would be access to an online ticketing system. As I work full time it can be very tricky for me to call the ticket office when away tickets go on sale.

12. Are there specific features or services you appreciate in other football clubs that you wish were implemented by Hull City?

Ability suites Old Trafford 

13. How has being a fan of Hull City contributed to your overall well-being, considering any challenges you may face due to your disability?

Going to City games is a massive part of my life and is also been one of the main activities that my dad and I do together for this reasons alone I believe it has a massive effect on my wellbeing. As far as my disability is concerned I don’t see it as a barrier to be able to go to the football but the few adjustments as mentioned above would go a long way in making things a lot easier and evermore enjoyable  

14. Do you think there is sufficient awareness among Hull City fans and the club itself regarding the needs of supporters with disabilities?

As mentioned above I see city as being up there as one of the best for disabled access, however I do believe as the DSA grows and continues to work closely with the club things can only get better and better…

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