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Hull City DSA AGM

Please find the AGM notes from the meeting held at The Tigers Trust Arena on Saturday 22nd June below:

Hull City DSA AGM


1. DB: Introductions and welcoming attendees. Basic outline of what the meeting was for and the agenda items.

2. Voting for board positions commences, DB put forward that the current interim Chair, Vice and Secretary are elected for three years to coincide with a LPF three year plan and committee members are reviewed at each AGM every year, which will be held after the season has finished but before the new season starts. 

Proposal is carried without objections, with Mikey Johnston added to board as Member Without Portfolio. Another applicant that couldn’t attended will be discussed by the committee. 

Discussions were also held about a Treasurer and Social Media committee members, agreements were made that some committee members could have multiple positions if no applicant is forthcoming. 

3. DB discusses and informs about a three year plan. Working with Leanne (Hull City DLO)  discussions made about what to include in the three year plan:


*Supporters hubs


*Away travel for disabled supporters


*Club to help educate our own fans about Disabled Supporters 

*Video matchday experiences for disabled supporters, 

*Ticket office to allocate front seats in the away end for disabled supporters

*Seek sponsorship and donations


DB suggested The DSA should adopt a membership scheme, AS and MJ agreed, while DL agreed also, he advised not to charge anything before the next AGM in 2025, all agreed. 

PT offers suggests and types of memberships. 

4. DB announces that The DSA was given a £50 donation for recognition, DL suggests it could go to fund the website - TBD closer to date.

5. DB announces Hull City DSA, has been invited to Kick It Out’s filming on 9th July time to be confirmed. DSA to advertise


Leanne Jenson:

Lanyards for disabled available through the Hull City website.

Education for staff about the relevance of the disability lanyard.

Leanne is working on this and is a ‘work in progress’ all stewards have been made aware of the lanyard and is ‘getting there’. 

An attendee raised:

Children playing or interacting with Roary and Amber that interrupt the view of wheelchair users in W4. A curtained area was suggested that could be a solution and/or education.

Audio commentary and how accessible it is to use for visually impaired supporters. Leanne has had training and is looking at different equipment and improve the experience for these supporters. Tiger Fusion is looking to improve this too. Headsets at away fixtures and how it is accessed and how equipment is handed back after away fixtures. PB offered his help to LJ and the club. 

AS to block email clubs to gather information for disabled fans. 

Awareness days to be more advertised and disabled fans to be highlighted. 

With official recognition of DSA by the club and LPF will hopefully bring more awareness for The DSA. 

Prices discussed for Sponsorship of a player, matchday sponsorship, out of reach currently for The DSA. 

The visual impact of above was discussed. 

More disabled mascots? 

DB finishes, closes the meeting and thanks the people who attended. 

DB-David Batte

DL-Dan Little

AS-Angie Skyes

MJ-Mike Johnson

LJ-Leanne Jenson

PB-Paul Bush. 

PT-Peter Tarbitten

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