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Hull City DSA Forum

On February 28th, Hull City DSA held its first forum meeting at The Dugout Bar, MKM Stadium in conjunction with Hull City, The SMC, Hull City Supporters Trust, FC Voices and Level Playing Field.

Pic: David Batte welcomes attendees and introduces himself as Interim Chairman, Dan Little as Interim Vice-Chairman and Angie Sykes as Interim Secretary.

1. David Batte outlines how the DSA movement came about, started by reading about Wrexham FC DLO Kerry Evans and how she was the inspiration for him to start the Hull City DSA.

2. Liam Bird from Level Playing Field gives an insight of what LPF do and how they assist in helping people with disabilities have equal but not special treatment.

3. Andrew Clark (left), Hull City’s Marketing Manager, talked about collaboration between the club and the DSA using the One Family, One Dream slogan to highlight this.

4. David Batte introduces the representatives from FC Voices and discusses how the DSA hope to work with Hull FC as they share the stadium and their fans will benefit from any changes made to it.

5. Henry Crane (right), Deputy General Manager of Catering Partner spoke about the many different dietary options available at the kiosks and how card machines on adjustable arms are being trialled to enable wheelchair users easy access when paying at the kiosk. There is consideration being given to a refreshments delivery service to be trialled in the summer.

6. Dan Marley, Stadium Manager, outlined some of the things that the club have being doing to accommodate disabled supporters, the trialling of the sensory packs had received good feedback. He talked about the things that could be done in the future.

7. Chris Stern (above) from Hull City Supporters Trust, talked about how there needs to be more collaboration between HCST and DSA.

28th February
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