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Hull City DSA team up with Hull City and Level Playing Field

Hull City DSA, team up with Hull City and Level Playing Field.

Picture: Tigers Trust Facebook

Liam Bird, Fans Liaison Officer at Level Playing Field, told Hull City's official website that he is pleased to see Hull City taking this step: “By embracing a Disabled Supporters Association at Hull City is not just an opportunity; it is a vital step toward fostering inclusivity, unity, and a sense of community within the Hull City fanbase.

“This association allows its disabled supporters to directly engage with the football club on topics and issues that can impact a disabled supporters' match day while also highlighting the positive work that the club do.

“By embracing the DSA, Hull City strengthens its ties with the fanbase, reaffirming its commitment to ensuring that every supporter is valued and heard.”

Our Chair also added: “The Hull City Disabled Supporters Association are excited by the steps the club are undertaking to proactively engage with fans who have disabilities.

"Our aim is to maintain a positive and proactive working relationship with Hull City going forward. Our objectives are to enhance the matchday experience for fans with disabilities, provide a support network and representation whilst recommending measures to improve our fans experience home and away.”

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